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Every Sunday we invite parents and children for breakfast. From 14:00 to 16:00 part of the area of the Main hall is transformed into a children's playground with tents, tunnel, cubes and toys. Here children can play, draw and walk around the grounds with animator.

Children will be offered a special children's menu and adults too can enjoy a lovely breakfast or lunch in the cosy dining room in winter and outdoors in summer.


Spend your wedding ceremony in a luxurious setting, without haste, hitches and confusion. Say "yes" to your loved one surrounded by only close friends and relatives on the ground near the fountain, in an open gallery or lobby bar, decorated according to your wishes. We will arrange the chairs for guests along with a beautifully adorned wrought arch with a table for registering the marriage, and we can also organise a reception in the Gallery.


We invite you to hunt in the land of the Grodno region, an area rich with elk, deer, wild boar, Roe deer, fox, beaver, and a variety of birds. The total hunting area is 1 442 400 hectares, and experienced rangers and hunters can arrange for you driven shooting and individual hunting.

Weapons and documents

We are happy to assist with the preparation of documents permitting the import of arms and ammunition to the Republic of Belarus. The time taken for completion of all required paperwork is approximately 3-4 weeks.

Alternatively, you may rent the weapon from our hunters; preparation of these documents will take just 1 week.

We can also prepare documents for the export of trophies (regional veterinary certificates, international veterinary certificate) if required.

Accommodation and meals

Kronon Park Hotel can arrange a meeting point on the border, transfer to the hunting area and back at a convenient time for you.

We can also provide a place for preparation of trophies and preparing them for transport. Our chef also prepare dinner or lunch for you if required.

We offer accommodation in a comfortable 4 star hotel located in the idyllic forest.


We also encourage you to try fishing at the trout pond “Adam lake”. It is decorated with planked footways, gazebos, barbecue facilities and equipment for cooking fish broth is also available.

Employees of Kronon Park Hotel are happy to arrange a transfer to the fishing spot and back at a time convenient to you.

Bikes, skis, sleds

Kronon Park Hotel can provide bicycles, skis and sleds to help you fully embrace the surrounding area, and can also arrange for the provision of hunting and fishing equipment. The inventory will be delivered to the destination at your request.

If you have any questions, please contact us.